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Camping with the Campbell’s Is about

Edward and Sue Campbell and our Adventures

A little about Sue and Edward; Sue was born in Glens Falls New York and raised on a farm with horses, pigs, chickens, and cows in Newport NH by her grandparents with 7 other kids. They were taught to live off the land their grandmother was a big stickler on Respect of others and Love for their God. After 3 tries at matrimony and 3 kids she finally met her sole mate. Edward was born in Michigan City IN and Raised in Michigan, Arkansas, Indiana, and Kentucky. His mother and father split when he was 3 and his Grandmother raised him until he was 14 when she passed away then went on an adventure from place to place. His father was a seasonal worker and moved with the weather. After 2 tries at matrimony and 3 kids found his sole mate We met on Yahoo instant messenger in 2002, while I was stationed in South Korea with the 506th Air assault Infantry on the DMZ Met in person in mid 2003 in Washington and became a couple Oct 2003. Life has went may different directions since then we at one time entertained the Idea to sell our stuff and move to Alabama where my Son Michael lives. We are in our mid 50’s early 60’s, Edward retired from the Army in 2008.