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Highschool Band preformance
From High school Performance 11-1-2017 195MB Nov-1-2017 Song 1 191MB Nov-1-2017 Song 2  209MB Nov-1-2017 Song 3 OR 594MB Nov-1-2017 All 3 together Solo/Ensemble Contest Kelso WA Devin’s Group Feb-3rd-2018 Devin’s solo … Feb-3rd-2018
Rochester Band Our Grandsonís Back To Camping with the Campbellís Milk, Dog Food, Coffee, Soup,  a can of mushrooms. Take Devin his music folder !!.... Performance 1 Performance 2 Performance 3 Performance 4 Performance 5   Keep in touch I will try and add every one I can.
Middle School Band preformance
Big Band Dance