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As of 3/21/20 The Phone was $53.ish the first month service was $25. and the router from Ebay was $31.ish for a total of $109 ish fist investment. future cost $40. a month unlimited data on a limited size stream. I have been told Visible only works on Verizon's 4G network only. I have been told if your out in the desert and only getting a couple bars of 3G on your Verizon phone Visible will not have service? (I do not know about this yet) I Have done allot of research on just how we are going to be able to get Internet while on the road. I have seen several things like “ToGo” done through AT&T (Canceled). I’ve seen tons of hot spots and jet packs all of which have data caps of around 15 gigs Mind you non of which I have went out and bough (Thank God) because only God knows I don’t have extra money to leave laying around. I first seen the review about Visible from Grand Adventure back in December of 2019 You can click on his video here if interested. I first found his review after watching RV Miles install TOGO from Winegard Well needless to say AT&T canceled their support for the TOGO no more unlimited Data for them. Anyway Grand Adventure, commented on RV Miles video about Visible So my curiosity got me I had to investigate. Since then I heard many not so great things about the plan. Cynical Mike has allot of complaints about it but over all he says it works. You can watch his video here if interested Cherie from Mobile Internet Resources put out a great Review You can watch it from here if interested I always say do your research before you buy. Be an informed shopper no need in waisting money not like we all have tons of it flowing in anyway. Here are the instructions Pinned By Grand Adventure Grand Adventure 3 months ago If you're having trouble connecting and configuring everything, here are some simple instructions that we've provided other commenter’s: 1. Activate the phone, and turn on the phone's hotspot feature. If you bought the R2 phone and you're new to Android, realize that on Android, mobile hotspot is in the settings that you access by swiping down from the top of the screen. 2. Boot up the nano router. 3. Grab another device, other than your Visible phone that's running hotspot. It can be another mobile device or PC, your choice, but IT HAS TO BE ANOTHER DEVICE. If you chose a mobile device, install the router's iOS or Android app on this other device and connect that device to the router's SSID. Check your router's manual, or even maybe the back of the router for the router's SSID and password. If you chose a computer, connect that computer's WiFi to the router's SSID and visit in your browser. (If you have a nano router other than the Hoo Too, check your router's documentation as the IP address may be different than, although most seem to use that IP.) 4. Now that you're in the router's administrator configuration interface, go into network settings for the router and choose the Visible phone's SSID to connect to. 5. Voila! You're done. The second device or PC, and every other device that you connect to the router's SSID, now has Internet. The router's settings should be persistent, so it should save the last known SSID it connected to (in this case the Visible phone) each time you power it up. Thank You Grand Adventure If you have suggestions or comments send them to me at:
You can click in pic of router for Amazon Link: TP-Link AC750 Wireless Portable Nano Travel Router - WiFi Bridge/Range Extender/Access Point/Client Modes, Mobile in Pocket(TL-WR902AC) We have had Visible Wireless for my Internet for about 8 months now 2 of witch have been living full time in our RV. (as of Oct 27th 2020) We moved into our RV Aug 29th 2020 so we could go thru the downsizing process, Oct 1st we moved to our first Campsite Oct 21st to our second. This video was also uploaded to YouTube via Visible wireless cell signal and was completed before I could finish typing the Description I do not work full time or part time from my RV. This Review is at our second State Park in Washington State.
These are My Honest Review to share with you my personal experience. This is not a Paid review I paid for all the items in this Review
Now mind you in my Location We only have 2 Bars of 4G signal.
4-20-2021 I have found “The One Place” in Arizona where Visible don’t work all that great. Don’t get me wrong if your patient it works for Face of The Book, Youtube, email, internet searches and daily normal internet things. and some times you can stream Hulu, Netflix ect. But not during prime time tv watching hours. Now we drove over the hills to the west to Laughlin/Bullhead City and stream just fine. We went east to Grand Canyon Camper Village in the town of Tusayan just outside the Grand Canyon and Visible would stream Hulu where Verizon would not! I just watched a video of Season 10 KYD (Keep Your Day Dreams) They were at the Campground in the actual National Park and mentioned they had no cell signal at all. So we are glad we staied at Camper Village
State highway 68 going thru the Valley Grand Canyon Camper Village