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Wow some blogger I am! March 2020

March 2020 update we put a go date on the calendar Jan 2021 We are loading up in the RV and hitting the road. I have tons of things to get done. The RV we picked up in October 2019, is a great runner but being a 1988 it has some things I want done so I can feel better about the reliability. I think I’m going to post our Camping with the Campbell’s Face book news feed right here ….

Friday 27th October 2017

Published our website today so we now have a youtube chanel and webpage. We don’t know if we want to build a Camping With The Campbell’s FaceBook page or not just having a webpage and YouTube chanel is allot of work when you do on one you want to do on another wish they could all connect.

Thursday 21st September 2017

Woke up to fog this morning, today we head out to Eagle Valley Campground and see how Sue does Driving the Hummer. Well we made it to Eagle Vally Campground. Great trip only pulled over one time when it broke out with a shower and Sue did not know where the wiper switch was for the Hummer. I seen the Rain come and reached over and turned the wipers on and emediatly looked in my Mirror thinking Sue don’t know where the wiper switch is can she? Nope she pulled over and I knew she was nurvious enough that she would not grab her phone and call me. Other than that it was a great trip. You can tell Mike is comfortable driving his big Alpha he stayed way ahead of us. Mike called ahead and got our sites reserved we were up the drive a few spots from them. I have just became a Big Fan of Eagle Vally Campground. we had a great visit here and did not want to leave but they shut Eagle Vally down for the season on the 24th of September.

Monday 18th September 2017

Our next stop was the KOA in Pasco Wa. It was the first time Sue and I stayed in a pay for campground, and only the second time we ever had electric, water and Sewer hookups. Well after staying there I have to admit it was nice. I thought having to walk the dogs to either end of the campbround would be a pain in the butt but it really wasn’t. My Babies learned quickly how to walk like they have been doing it forever. Not only that but it was good exercise for Sue and I. The bathrooms were clean and nice, the shower was nice even the laundry room. You can check out the picturs to the right of this post.

Sunday 17th September 2017

We only spent one night there at Mike & Dana’s. The sales crew was still running in and out allowing people that purchased things to come in and pickup the Items they sold. The New renter was there staring the clean up so we spent the morning loading mikes trailer and hooking it up behind my camper and Sue drove the Hummer.

Saturday 16th September 2017

We Recieved a phone call From Mike and dana they need our help. Mike said he wanted to leave his house with the RV, his trailer and the Hummer but could not drive but one at a time. So Sue and I loaded up the camper and headed to Kennewick Wa only 249 miles from our house. Yeah right google says 4 hours and 39 minuts ok it took us 7 hours to get there. Of course we stopped quite a bit to get pictures and video clips to document our trip check out our YouTube video at the link next to this post. It was a nice ride accross the mountian to Kennewick.

Monday 21st Augest 2017

So this is our first post We just spent the weekend with our friends Mike and Dana Carlin at Eagle Vally Campground in Cle Elium Wa. During our stay the conversation around the fire….. oh wait there was a burn ban we could not have a fire. So the conversation around the coffee table was about the burdon of owning property and the expence of property ownership. We also talked about how cumbersome we all make ourselves with material thing. Sure made Sue and I sit back and scratch our heads. The things that came to mind, we are not getting any younger we both crave the nomadic life and to see the country. Our thoughts are we want to get out and travle before we can’t phisically do it anymore. Our kids are grown up with kids of their own why do we need to be stationary. Mike and Dana then went home and planed an estate sale and sold the contents of their house. We came home and looked at all our stuff and made the call to start getting rid of things and lighten our load. That is not all we have to do we also have to find another RV. The camper is great for hauling the wheelers to the woods and dry camping. It’s not good enough to live full time in especially with two dogs.

Look out America here we come

Scroll down for older Blog Posts Wait for it! Sometimes Face book Take a min to load… November 28th 2020 Look down below the face book feed. for my Latest creation. I wanted to create something for my Uncle that has no Internet or ways to see pics and things so I created a slide show that I could print for him. October 1st 2020 Our first day as Nomads! And we are still busy as bees. There is so much yet to do on “The Beast” before we hit the road traveling. I need to figure out the headlight switch, install the marker lights, Wash and clean all the green off him. rearrange the storage compartments. finish the rear bumper. get the oil and trans fluid changed and fab up a front hitch.
Our First campsite up on the Hill at Eagle Valley Sue and I just afternoon chilling watching a TV Show on the Tab Look at Maya sitting on the step just waiting for Sue to drop something
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Our YouTube Video
Pics in the Campground The South Side dog area Pic from inside Potty Area at the South end of the Campground The Dog Potty area at the north end
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KOA in Pasco On our way to Eagle Vallt
The road where we camped we had a real nice spot Another snap you can see the road leading down to where Mike and Dana were