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We want to Thank you all for coming to visit our website and are looking forward to all our new adventures. So sit-back relax and get ready to enjoy our adventures. Here you might find some wacky adventures of some fun filled times we are having.

October 1st 2020 “We are now Nomadic”

So like back in 2017 when these pictures were taken our friends Mike and Dana talked us into the idea of going full time in an rv. Oh my word the adventure sounded so awesome and while we were at Cle Elum WA Eagle Vally Campground. Our friends took us around to other small towns like Roswell wa and the Idea of going sight seeing and looking at all the new things, oh my could you imagine. So we came home told the kids we were going to pack up get an RV (Momma didn’t want to do that in a truck bed camper), and hit the road. Well first I needed to do this then that then we decided to stay, then we decided to go then stay. well November 2019 Thanksgiving day we finally said to the kids we were gonna do it. It took us almost a year to find the right RV and build up the courage to pull the trigger August 2020 we made the final decision and Aug 29th moved into the RV in the driveway first weekend in September Had the Yard sale to begin the proses.
white pass Hy 12
Wild Rose Day use Picnic site
This picture was taken At the Eagle Vally Campground Cle Elum Wa here is a link to their website with information and directions to get there if you are in that area I highly recommend you pay them a visit Eagle Valley Campground